Monday, March 31, 2008

a fun Monday

Today Sam and Mae went back to preschool. Horizons starts tomorrow, so Ted (and Brooke & Bailey, twins in his class that I was in charge of for the morning) met up with Kai and Omri at Chuck E Cheese for a few hours of fun. Then we went to Panera for lunch. It was noisy but the kids had fun. They are all ready to go back to school, which is sweet.

After preschool pickup, I delighted Sam by announcing that he didn't need to nap today, but Mae did. I decided he would be FAR grumpier if I had to wake him up from a nap than if he simply skipped it, and I was right; he was fine. Why such emphasis on Sam's happiness? Because today was his first day back at TKD and I wanted him to be HAPPY! And he was. He was so excited all week to start again and he did great today. He is the only orange belt in the class (the others are white belts-beginners), but we won't test him (testing is in 2 weeks) so he'll be able to remain in this beginning class for 4 more months. I think the longer he can be with the littler kids, the better. I think the bigger kids intimidated him somehow. He is so cute and was SO psyched about it. I got him his own nunchucks for Thursday's Black Belt Club class so we are set! Cutie!

And I am really enjoying these last intense weeks before testing. I really like being solid on my forms and onesteps in enough time to enjoy practicing them. Fun stuff.

And lastly, pics of me skiing. I don't take poles with me because I just trip over them. So, a pic of me desperately snow plowing down a green run, and finally sitting safely on the slope. Phew.

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