Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1, a sort of New Year's for me

Today was a great day. Yesterday was Day 1 of my BB training program, but it was just a Stretch and Strengthen day. I counted my hour TKD class and some light stretching later that night for that. Not much fun. But today! Today's run was 2.5 miles. No biggie, but my first run in about 2 years, if not more. It was easy! It might have been that the first 1.2 miles I was racing after Ted, so I was distracted. The remaining run felt good and comfortable. I'm a little sore in my quads tonight. It blends in nicely with my aching inner thighs from skiing. I also had TKD tonight, and the RE for that is 3 miles. So, a good day! Tomorrow is 30 minutes cross training. Wendy, Ole and I are going to hike up to the quarry. It is so encouraging to have a good, mellow program. I was so inspired I poked around in the crawl space for a long time looking for my old running log books, but came up empty handed. Maybe 1-800 Got Junk hauled them away. So I got myself a new one. It was nice to start the new book with the first day of a new week too. I also made an appointment to have new orthotics done. Mine have lasted me since 2000! Not bad! I'm sure they should have been replaced before now, but my knee wasn't complaining, so neither was I! Still, it's time. Hooray for Week 1 enthusiasm!

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