Thursday, March 6, 2008


It's started! My little shoots are starting up! What a sign of Spring. Hooray!!!

Sadly, Ted was sent home from school today because he threw up (in the bathroom ... what a good guy!) He spent the day lying down and napped for 3 hours. He didn't even play with his birthday presents. Poor thing. He couldn't keep anything down til about 7:30, when he carefully ate 2 graham crackers. His fever is 102 so we gave him Motrin before bed. Poor kiddo! Send him get well vibes please.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no poor Ted! WTG for him though making it to the bathroom!!! Hope he's feeling better soon and that everyone else stays healthy!! ~*~*~*healthy vibes~*~*~*~ heading your way. BTW rattlesnakes and coyotes??? yikes!