Wednesday, April 30, 2008

attracting creepy crawlies

I haven't yet read Last Child in the Woods (it's waiting for me at the library and I'll get it tomorrow) but on my to-do list is to plant native plants that will attract more birds to our postcard stamp backyard. We will resurrect our two birdfeeders which at least guarantee a steady stream of pigeons (really, I'd had enough of them in Chicago). I'll check out the seeds this Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Speaking of which, I'm hoping to bike to the market this Saturday. It's far and I'm not really a biker, but since we have to go to the Shoenfelds (in the mountains) for chavurah this Saturday, the fam could pick me up on the way. We'll see. It's a goal. I think it would be prettier to take Marshall Road to Broadway, but there's no bike lane on Marshall Road for some of it. But taking South Boulder Road, while there is a bike lane, seems too whizzy and busy. I'll report back!

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jack said...

While you are planning to attract new birds and bugs to your yard, don't forget the honeybees!

Go to Hagen-Dazs to see what you can do to help our fuzzy little friends. And stop in to buy a cone with their new flavor: Vanilla-HoneyBee!