Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I picked up 4 'greenie' books at the library on Monday. After reading Affluenza, I moved on to another of Wann's books, Simple Prosperity. It's another great book, and a bit more modern than Affluenza. I need to find a way to stop reading books and start making lists ... I hadn't checked blogs since last Friday (for me this is amazing) because I am so obsessed with reading every second. I've also tried to focus on the kids more. I read to Ted on Tuesday for a long time. He was/is overtired/fighting something so we skipped out on TKD yesterday and just came home. We played outside in the sunshine, read books and prepared a peanut-butter chocolate Jello dessert (from a found box in my cupboard). It was a lovely, stress-free afternoon. Tomorrow should be more of the same. Paul and I have been taking away computer game privileges as punishment for acting up at bedtime. This has worked well, because they haven't been allowed to play since Saturday! Tonight was a warm and sunny one, 78 degrees. We had a picnic lunch at the top of the cul-de-sac (grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberries) while the kids biked and we chatted with our neighbors. They are mulching their entire front yard. Cool. Wann's front yard has all strawberry plants. How cool is that?!

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