Saturday, April 26, 2008

use it up

In conjunction with April's Buy Nothing Challenge, I've decided to spend the remaining days it takes to completely use up the prepackaged food we have. The truth is, we deeply dislike prepackaged foods. A simple dinner of sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes and a bean dish and we're happy. A year-old box of instant meal of something isn't likely to get eaten on purpose. But since buying nothing month is going on, why not extend it to the food too? Obviously, I'll continue to buy fresh and local produce and bulk goods like beans and flours. Good thing I'm running again, because convenience foods are certainly not the healthiest in the world! Oh well. It'll be nice to empty out those cupboards. I've had some of those boxes for YEARS. So... wanna come for dinner? Hamburger Helper, anyone? That's what we had for dinner tonight. I added some mushrooms and beet greens to the Soy Crumbles and, I must admit, it didn't taste bad! Who knew?


Anonymous said...

What happened to Tuesday Mac N' Cheese night??? You deeply dislike Tuesday Mac N' Cheese now! Somewhere a little blue box is sobbing quietly.
I can't believe you have gone so far over to the Other Side. OF COURSE Hamburger Helper tastes good! Didn't you just lick the cheesy, chemically goodness off of each finger?? Mmmmmmmmmmm........cheesy crumbles....... Takes you back to Mac N', doesn't it? Tell that story, please please please??

Green Bean said...

Bleh! Sounds like the year old stuff I've been avoiding in my pantry. I guess you are right. Better suck it up, literally, and clear those cupboards out.