Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Is there anything that smells better than laundry fresh off the line? Perhaps fresh-baked bread. Not much. This morning I installed the clothesline and hung up a full load. When I got home again at 3:30, everything was dry, even my thick jeans. Oh yeah.

I found another fun challenge that I've been doing with gusto. It's from Green Bean Dreams. To quote her: My appreciation of books leads me to launch my (likely one and only) challenge: BE A BOOKWORM. I challenge you to read a single, ecologically relevant book during the month of May. Post a comment if you'd like to participate so that I can add you to my sidebar. Once you have selected your book, post another comment. I'll keep a running tab of books being read. At the end of the month, I will post a Reading Roundup soliciting your comments on the book you read, whether you'd recommend it and what you learned.

I've definitely been on a book craze. Eat, Pray, Love was the first book to change my life. Then came Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I loved Farewell, My Subaru. I found In Defense of Food difficult but important. Currently reading Affluenza. I plan to read Last Child in the Woods for this challenge. I let my kids play DVD computer games too much. It's replaced videos for the boys but it's just as bad. Want to read with me?

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jack said...

Ellen ~ Don't forget to reread and recommend Jim's "dirt book" ~ SAVING OUR SOIL by James Glanz. The subtitle says it all:
"Solutions for Sustaining Earth's Vital Resource". Anyone with roots in family farming will understand the essential in all ecology: the soil.