Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More scruptious local eats

Tonight's dinner was Sticky Mushrooms on Toast. I love this recipe. I used this recipe for homemade bread, this recipe for the mushrooms, and added sauteed red chard. Fantastic. Also, I had my first mojito with my new chocolate mint leaves. Just as refreshing, with perhaps a more intense flavor. Excellent. A delicious meal all around. Oh, how I love the spring! Can you name that quote? (Not my picture...we devoured ours before I remembered to photograph them. They were really quite pretty, and the mushrooms were stained red from the red chard. Mmm... but I do love pictures with my food entries!)

For a quick lunch today, I scrambled a local egg, tossed it atop the remaining slices of cheese and added a handful of spinach to a tortilla for a quick and 100% local meal. Mmm! I LOVE that cheese!

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