Monday, April 7, 2008

it was good

Better late than never. The omelet was superb. Fresh eggs, beet greens, baby portabellos, ColoRouge cheese, onions and garlic. All local, all fresh. Yum.

This weekend was wild and crazy. Saturday we hiked and spent the day with the chavurah, then went to "Brookabailey's" as Mae would say, for dinner and MUCH fun. Sunday was Sunday school. I ran my 3 miles during his class and then I took the boys to Ted's swim meeting. It ended with a swim party where Sam (yes, Sam) went down a crazy slide for about 2 hours straight. Ted liked the diving board. He swam a length for the coach and all went fine. Some of the kids were crying ... it was so sad! Ted was bursting at the seams to show off for the coach but some of those kids were not as keen.

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