Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peace and Quiet and Planning

It's a bit lonely here without Paul. Especially since he played soccer last night. And Tuesday night I had TKD. And Monday night I had Bookclub. *sniff* Still, I'm getting alot done. Similar to Thanksgiving, I like to plan our Passover meal BEFORE there is a blizzard (like in '02) and I can't get to the store. Shopping tomorrow while the little ones are at school.

Large spinach salad with strawberries. (extra strawberries for the kids)
Grilled asparagus (or steamed broccoli if the asparagus doesn't look good yet.)
Miso-Curry Roasted Potatoes (recipe from Vive!)
Vegetarian Matzah Ball Soup
Lentil & Golden Squash Pie (my traditional Thanksgiving and Passover meal)
Dark Chocolate Matzah for Dessert
Much wine (and grape juice)

I think my favorite thing at seder is the Hillel Sandwich. Mmmm.

Now that the food is planned, it's time to think about the kid details I want to put in. Plagues will be present. And Elijah. And a tent. Pillows too. Hmmm. What else?

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