Sunday, April 20, 2008


Chag Sameach Pesach! Happy Festival of Passover! The Stoutenbergs had a lovely 1st night seder. It was very traditional and captured Jack and Ted's attention more than I thought it would. They were VERY into the plagues and the singing. SO CUTE. They hid an afikomen for each child, so that was fun too. They didn't eat much, but I think the older two got a lot out of it. Sam and Jason were heard screeching with laughter all night long. Mae was a rock star and hung out in her high chair beside me for the entire seder, munching on buttered matzah. Cutie.

We had Wendy's family over tonight for 2nd night. It was brief, but I love bringing out the Haviland and all of the special seder accoutrement. It was fun. Isn't this a pretty shot of the seder plate? (Thanks, Wendy!) I use a beet instead of a shankbone, being vegetarian and all. I feel very tired but happy at the close of this weekend. One week of matzah and lots of juice (to counteract all that matzah!!) ahead. Sam and Mae don't have school tomorrow. It has been GORGEOUS spring weather this weekend, so I'm hoping for a park day with them. Phew! LOTS of pics on moeltini.

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