Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

I find myself more 'into' being green this year than ever before. Cloth has replaced all paper products in our home (Paul is still hoarding his TP and Kleenex but the kids are on board). After reading Farewell My Subaru, I am seriously considering converting our Toyota minivan over to biofuel (i.e. "waste fryer grease from the local burrito shop", no joke!). My clothesline and drying rack are ready for the drying...forget the dryer now that it's warm again! Crunchy Chicken's next challenge in May is intense; she's named it the Extreme Eco Throwdown and it involves eliminating plastic (from new purchases, that is. One thing I've learned from her is how silly it is to run out and buy new 'green' things to replace our previous things, thereby getting more STUFF! Reuse the stuff we can, fix it, etc. When it is finally dead, try and recycle it and move on to a more eco-friendly version.) Last year at this time I was just dipping my toes into the eat local movement's waters. A year later, and the act of procuring fresh, local produce (or relying on previously stored local foods) is firmly entrenched in our lives. The kids are much more aware of what is in season here and what has to be flown in from California. (Namely, strawberries. Oh, how my children love strawberries!) This Earth Day I'm not doing anything new (and I'm not going to some festival with VENDORS trying to SELL MORE STUFF!) Rather, I'm trying to do as much as I can each day. This is a very fun adventure and I'd love to have you along with me! Together we CAN make a difference. Oh, and after you read Farewell my Subaru, read Affuenza. Good stuff.

*Edit to add, I'm not trying to be a snooty-pants (remember that phrase from grade school?) Everyone has their own "chord" that resonates with them, and the eco thing is mine (this week). I'm just excited and eager to share what I've learned. I'm NOT trying to judge anyone else or their choices. OK? OK.


Wendy said...

So, you know, your car doesn't have a diesel engine, right? Wouldn't it just be easier to move to Boulder or not drive 7000 mile/year to school?

Anonymous said...

E, you do know that you are TOTALLY AWSOME right!?! In no way could you EVER (even if you tried really REALLY hard) be a "snooty-pants" - but thanks for the laugh in thinking it :P

Love your ideas and while I'm not quite there (I'm with Paul on the personal paper products *blush*) I so admire what you're doing!