Friday, April 11, 2008

two mommies

So, Mae continues to amaze me. I was surprised that I hadn't blogged about our recent discussion, about 2 weeks ago, when the topic of "Chinese mommy" came up in the car. We've talked about it off and on, mostly at night before bed. Tonight we had a long talk. She knows she was in her Chinese mommy's tummy. "Did I kick?" she asked, giggling. I told her I was sure she did! What really got me was when she said, "Maybe my Chinese mommy is mean?" I said I didn't think so. We talked a little about how sad her Chinese mommy must have been because she couldn't take care of her. Mae reached out to touch my face and said, "Now YOU my mommy!" How do people do this without breaking down? How can this innocent little 2 year old so perfectly understand this? Oh man. I can only hope that by keeping the lines of communication open on the subject, she will always feel comfortable talking about it. One of the things another little adopted Chinese girl said (on our initial CCAI video) was that she felt like she hadn't been born, that she was just here. I'm striving to give Mae a beginning ... a sense that her life didn't start at 9 months old.

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