Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday and Saturday Update

I'm recovering from a crazy food poisoning episode. I think I will live. Eek. Friday was JCC's last day of school and Ted's first day of vacation. We spent the day chilling out. He played Legos and a Blues Clues computer game he found in the basement. I cooked, washed, line dried, and caught up on blogs. We got the kiddos and came home for a mellow afternoon (nap for Mae, playdate with Jason for Sam and more Blues Clues for Ted.) When Paul got home with Sam we had a quick dinner followed by our New Replacement Wahoo's Tradition (TM). I had procured a used Burley from a teacher at Horizons, thanks to Stacy, and Paul attached it to my bike. Off I went, pulling 70+ pounds. Ted was on his bike and Paul walked Ole. We met up at Boat Park at the end, then came home to popsicles. It was tough on me but not impossible. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Sunday. If I'm feeling better, I'll try biking to South Pool with the Burley. That's major uphill, but at least the return will be easy. We'll see. My Burley is red, but you get the idea. I need Paul to take a pic of us all.
Saturday we went to Gabi's 4th bday party at the Farm. Tara kindly gave me a frappachino and I think that's where it all went wrong. The party started at 10 and on the dot at 12 I got sick. Tara took the boys home and I hung out in the Sprout House, making good use of their bathroom. I eventually left and had to make 4 stops on the way home. But I made it. Paul took the 3 kids to Pump It Up! for Adam's 4th bday party. I spent the rest of the day in bed, sipping water and Pedialite popsicles. Around 9 I came down to watch Star Trek with Paul and I'm feeling better. My tummy hurts!! Hopefully I'll be good as new tomorrow.

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