Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mae's Cribmate (Roommate?)

Sweet Sophia was Mae's roommate in the orphanage. It sounded like there were 4 girls to a room, and I'd swear that Zoe and Addie were also in that room. Mae took to Zoe right away in China. I was unclear if the babies shared cribs, but we were told Sophia was her cribmate, so we'll leave it at that. She was the one "with all the hair!" Crazy long hair on a 9 month old! She's such a cutie. It was great to see them interact. I wonder, when they're teenagers, will they be a huge pack, or will they pair up? It'll be interesting. Our Denver contingent has made a pledge to get together once a month from now on. It's silly that we don't. And, still thinking on this one but, I'm thinking of enrolling Mae in Chinese School at CCAI. That would be a schlep, but we could carpool with Zoe and it's such a good school. We'll see.

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