Sunday, May 11, 2008


Friday was Mae's Gotcha Day Party. The 'real day' was yesterday, Thursday, but between the kids' schedules, TKD and a Council meeting at Ted's school, there wasn't time to pay it the attention it deserved. So, tonight we had her party. Wendy baked another gorgeous (now a tradition) Butterfly cake. The boys played wildly and happily all night. Henry and Baby Kit got to meet Baby Jacob, all so beautiful! What gorgeous children we all have! We had a Chinese feast from Spice China and lots of mojitos and beer. It was a lovely evening.

2 years! Mae has been in my arms for 2 years. It seems like forever!! Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Mae HuaiXiang! (More pics on moeltini, although the server is down (Sunday am) so check back soon. Wendy took such great pics!)

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy two years, I cannot believe it has been two years. And what a great decision to move to Boulder - very exciting!