Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Farewell to toys

Paul has a (in my opinion, rather severe) clean-up policy. Any toys left on the floor get tossed. In reality, they end up in a garbage bag in the crawl space. Another reality? The kids SELDOM ask for them, and if they do, it's worth finding whenever we happen to go through the bags. I went through them for the final time today, sorting out the beloved Playmobil. I donated the knights sets and the large pirate ship sets, keeping the 2 small pirate sets and the Gladiator set Ted got for Hanukkah this year. I doubt they will even notice, which is so indicative of the abundance of toys in their lives. We're trying. Ted is such a great Lego player that we're getting by beautifully on the neighbors' Lego bins. He'll play with Legos for HOURS. Sam is not into them. At all. While Ted entertained himself this afternoon, Sam and Mae had a tea party in Mae's bedroom. Very cute. Without the toys in the basement, the clutter is magically vanishing from our house. Just the front room Lego disaster remains, but I'm OK with it. Apparently all of Ted's kindergarten friends prefer coming to HIS house because he has Legos. Do other kids not have it? Is it retro? Old-fashioned? It IS plastic, so at least it was donated to us, for the most part. Anyway, a good day of clearing out the old. Next up? My kitchen.

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