Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new pool

Judy has a new pool! This one is in a hotel and has a cool waterslide and a little kid slide, although they (hotel management) didn't let us use them today. Hopefully next week. The kids loved the new place and they have two teachers now instead of one, so they get even more attention than usual! Sam is in a class of 4 with 2 instructors. Back when Ted was in this class, it was 6-8 kids with 2 instructors. This rocks.

We had a 100% local dinner tonight. Tortillas from Tortilleria La Esmeralda, eggs & spinach from Jay Hill Farm, mushrooms from Hazel Dell Mushrooms, and MouCo ColoRouge cheese. Excellent! My mojito wasn't local, but the mint was from my garden. I admit, my garden, put into the ground Saturday afternoon, doesn't look so hot. It looks ... wilty. We'll see. I hope it survives. We've had 2 strawberries so far. I'm encouraged so I think I'll get 2 or 3 more plants this Saturday at the market and we'll put the whole lot of them into one of our two large container planters. Maybe put the mint in the other.

I am beat. I washed all the winter coats, snowpants, mittens and hats today. Luckily the threatening rain didn't come and they all got dry on the line. Now they are put away, so I'm sure it'll snow tomorrow. Argh.

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