Monday, May 5, 2008

slowing down some more

Decisions, decisions. Today I decided to take a mini break from TKD. I'll restart again in June after the next testing cycle. I'm really wanting to be HOME these days, plus my knees are sore enough with running - adding 25 lunging jumping jacks to the day doesn't help. Mr. D. was completely understanding, so that was a relief. No guilt or anything.

I had the laundry up on the line by 8:15, when I left to take the little ones to preschool. That was cool. I knew I wouldn't be home til late and we're getting into the season of afternoon showers, so ... better safe than sorry. Or, better damp than soaked, in this case.

After hiking with Ole, I spent the morning going through the last of the toys in the basement and loaded the van with 2 boxes of toys and some shoe donations. That feels good. I plan to go through the legos and Playmobile on Wednesday. It seems cruel to just hand over a huge box of mixed up pieces. The least I can do is organize into "pirates" and "knights," I figure. And I recycled about 10 Bionicle boxes at EcoCycle. Turns out they are #1 plastic and could have gone in our bin anyway. The person explained to me that "narrow neck bottle" actually only means that the NECK needs to be NARROWER than the body. So, the Bionicles boxes and the peanut jar would have been fine. Good to know!

I am still reading Last Child in the Woods. It's a fabulous book, but written in a less witty manner than Voluntary Simplicity and Affluenza. I am slogging through though, and it is worth it. I can't wait to get to our book club pick this month, Digging to America.

Off to fold, bath and bed!

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Green Bean said...

I felt the same as you about Last Child in the Woods. In a lot of ways, it is a very difficult read but I think it is important read for any parent. I will admit that it did take me forever to read!