Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breakfast Granola, finally!

Paul is a big breakfast cereal person. The kids prefer waffles, eggy bread, muffins, etc. But Paul is a cereal boy. So, I experimented a few times with granola and this one got a thumbs up! (Search on granola if you're hitting the link.) This took 9 minutes to prepare and was excellent. I added a half cup each of whole almonds and raisins. Hooray!

The kids helped me cook up a batch of (16) waffles this morning. Only 4 remain. They love those waffles. Usually I use spelt flour but only had 1/2 cup so I used barley flour for the rest. They were still excellent and also were thicker. Yum.

Tonight's local dinner (sans tuna) was soo yummy. Over a bed of CSA frisee & spinach, unlocal tuna, Rocky Mountain Farm's marinated artichokes and CSA radishes, topped with Amber's dressing and some local dill. Served with a side of not local but a local shop Indian paratha. Excellent.

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