Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 2 update

Ain't I purty? oy. Thanks to Wendy's awesomeness, I was able to stay home and not (attempt to) drive. She brought Sam and Mae home for me; Paul left work early and brought Ted home from camp. Tylenol is working well. It's just all the pressure from my eye that is the problem. I hope the swelling goes down soon. Tomorrow I need to venture out into the world to take the boys to TKD since testing is on Saturday.


crtarpy said...

My goodness! I came to check in on you all and look what I found!! I am so sorry you are going through such pain. I hope you are feeling better soon! My husband just had a chunk of his leg cut out from skin cancer. NOT fun.

When I took Vicodin after my surgeries, it made me REALLY nauseous too. Your doctor can give you an anti-nausea medicine that does help. I always hate taking more medicine, but if you are in pain, this is an option and it usually works.

We'll be thinking of you!! Take Care, Casey

Anonymous said...

Oy VAY!!!! What the huh? I hope all is well and the pathology is negative for further growth of cancer. Hang in there Ellen--can't wait to see you all at the end of this month.

Luv Susan