Thursday, June 12, 2008

MNW Day 3


So, the bandage came off today. It looks much better than I thought. I took the pic before cleaning it, so it's a bit better looking than that. Also, I had a babysitter today for Sam and Mae. She brought me a potato, sliced it up, and instructed me to use it as a compress on my (swollen shut) eye. 15 minutes later and my eye was open! Hooray! She's versed me in some "alternative medicine" approaches to healing and I figure, why not? OK, are you ready for the pic? Don't look if you don't want to. Or if you're my dad, click for an even larger view! heh.


jack said...

Oh, boy! That's some nose! But it's great to see your eye open and know that you can read at last! Hooray for Amber and the potato treatment ~ who knew?

Good luck with healing up all those stitches and puffs. Can't wait to see your pretty nose when it's all healed.

Mom & Dad

Leslie Kullman said...

Ellen - I haven't checked your blog in awhile (I love to read up on the active and healthy things you and your family are doing!) and was sad to read about your surgery. I'm sending good thoughts of health and healing your way. All the best to you!

Wendy said...

Hey. You still look pretty terrible. Hope you are feeling better though :)

Chile said...

Ouch! Best wishes on fast and complete healing.