Friday, June 13, 2008

MNW Day 4

Today was the best day so far. I was able to schlep the children, cook black bean and corn stuffing with homemade corn tortillas, and lemon cake (sort of, more on that later) for Paul's little birthday party.
Today the swelling is down to barely noticeable. It looks bad, but doesn't affect my vision at all. Ahh. Back to blogging. And, I was able to finish my bookclub book, An Irish Country Doctor, which was lovely. The very top, on the bridge of my nose, is the most sore. I wonder if that's because there isn't any fat there to protect things. Very ouchy. But the rest of my nose feels ... bulbous. But fine. It's still swollen enough to have that odd sensation of not feeling it when I touch it (does that make sense?) but that's better than it hurting, I suppose.
People have been so nice. Amber was an absolute godsend. Paul has been amazing, never complaining about everything he had to do this week. Wendy rescued me on Wednesday when I really didn't know how I was going to manage. Louise has called just to check in. Tawnya has called every day to see how I'm doing, offering her "been there, done that" support. I've been talking to my parents almost every day for a month now, since my mom's hospital stay. She's home and fine now, but I find that our calls are now reversed and it's them comforting me. Thanks, Mom and Dad. I appreciate it. I appreciate all of you.

As for the cake, I think adding the extra flour you're supposed to for high altitude would have helped. Luckily, it still tasted delicious, just like I remember my mom's. Happy 39th, Paul. We love you!


jack said...

You look LOTS better already! As for the cake, I've never tried using the kind of cake pan you used. Find a nice bundt pan for the next time you use the big recipe, and a nice little 8x8" brownie pan for the little Jiffy cake mix. Glad to hear the cake tasted OK, tho. Happy belated birthday, Paul! And Happy Fathers' Day!

Mom & Dad

rudomundo said...

Happy Birthday Paul!
That looks just like the deep-fried battered possum Mom used to make for us on our birthdays! Enjoy!