Saturday, June 14, 2008


This morning the boys tested for their next belts. Sam is a Tiger Belt now (Orange Belt Decided) and Ted is a Lion Belt now (Camo Belt Decided). Sam indulged all of us in some deja-vu. Just like when Ted tested for his Tiger Belt, Sam goofed off and was only rescued by some gentle yet firm talking to from Mr. D. I am so relieved we're past the Tiger Belt! It seems to bring problems to the Moeller boys! Ted was excellent. He was very serious and focused. His maturity has come a long way. I was so proud of him. It's funny, though, how when he fooled around I was furious, disappointed, embarrassed and a host of other emotions. With Sam, good 'ole #2, I can smile and say, "It's a stage." Poor Ted. It's tough to be the first born. Anyway, tons of pics on moeltini.

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jack said...

Great Tae Kwan Do progress, guys!!

Grandpa & Grandma Kessie