Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Local Summer Week 2

This has been a hard week, obviously. I didn't manage much this week. But by Friday I felt better. For Paul's bday dinner I fixed homemade corn tortillas with his favorite filling, black beans and corn. The black beans and corn were CSA, frozen from last year and the onion and garlic from Jay Hill Farms. But I "cheated" in that I bought a can of Kuner's Black Beans with Cumin and Spices and drained the "juices" to use. When I add my own cumin it's just not as flavorful. We would have had local Jay Hill Farm steamed greens, but I got lazy. It's about the best I could do this week. We're out of homemade almond butter and homemade bread/waffles. I hope to get on that tomorrow.
On Thursday night, I pulled out a ziplock of Pumpkin Black Bean Soup (100% local) frozen in January). That was delicious!

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Sara said...

Oh, I would be in heaven with local black beans! Sounds delicious! :)