Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Days

The nose is improving (this one's for you, Mom!) You can see I still have a teeny bit of a black eye. The nose itself is still somewhat swollen, but not bad. The incision is healing nicely, although there is a spot in the very center that is not knitting up as cleanly as Dr. Allen would like. All in all, no biggie. (click for a larger view, Mom)
Tonight Ted and I rode our bikes to Stacy's (about 2 miles) for a book club meeting. It was very uncomfortable with sunglasses so I eventually took them off and just squinted. Pressure on the nose at all is just not fun.
Ted had a blast at HHS camp today. They rode the RTD to Eben G. Fine park, then hiked Red Rocks, then went to Pearl Street to play in the fountain and have Italian Ice. He was beat!
Sam and Mae went with me to my TKD class. It's my first time back and I elected to walk, not run, my laps. Other than that, I feel fine. I'm learning Inwa I and it's cool!
Ted and I picked up our CSA share today, chock full of greens. I plan to blanch the greens and freeze them as long as the lettuce lasts. Once the lettuce is on its way out, we'll eat the greens too. There is a lot of lettuce in the early weeks of the CSA! It was great to be back and I know we'll have some delicious salads this week!
Tomorrow is everyone's last day of camp til we return from Iowa. We're going to head to Lakeshore's pool with Tara and Stacy at 4 (Sam will be so psyched. Every time we bike behind Lakeshore he begs to go swim there.) Saturday is the annual CCAI Reunion picnic and Sunday, I believe is free. I can't believe June is almost gone already! This summer s flying by!

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jack said...

Great improvement! Even the black eye is down to almost normal, if a bit colorful! The nose is beginning to look like yours again. Just a few little bumps to iron out one day. You haven't mentioned if it hurts much, except for the pressure of the sunglasses... Your chin looks very red in the pics ~ is that just a quirk of the photo process, or is it really red? Pressure? What?

Mom & Dad