Friday, June 6, 2008

the garden is growing!!!

The garden is starting to perk up! The mint is doing great thanks to all the rain but everything else was starting to worry me. We have zero tomatoes! I don't understand! In years past, cherry tomatoes were the only things I could get to grow! I may get a few larger, further along plants and pop them in. Tonight Ted and I took a closer look at the carrots and sugar snap peas and lo and behold! They are up! They are still small (although we couldn't resist pulling up a few teeny carrots just to talk about root vegetables) but they are so cute! We started those from seed on February 22!! Talk about a long wait. The sugar snaps and carrots were the first to sprout. Hooray!! I just don't understand those tomatoes...

Today at swim practice Ted learned the "inchworm" move, the first step in Butterfly. Most of the kids would "wiggle, wiggle, rest... wiggle, wiggle, rest... "etc. Not Ted! He wiggled his way from one end and back again four times (which was the drill) with enthusiasm. After practice he said his stomach hurt. He'll have rock hard abs with that drill! They also did a few laps of "whatever you want to do" and he chose backstroke (usually he chooses breaststroke). He looked so confident and graceful. He is not a fan of freestyle at all (neither am I!). Coach Brooks said he was going to be great at the Butterfly. That's exactly what Judy says about Sam (he does the wiggle thing all the time, just to be fancy).

Monday is Shavuot, no camps for any of the kiddos so we'll do our bike to the pools routine. Tuesday Ted starts HHS camp and Wednesday Sam and Mae start JCC camp. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be our pool days for the next 2 weeks, although I expect we'll spend some evenings there as well so Ted can get some fun in. He is very tired after practice and usually lies on a chair for about an hour before getting in the water to play. He is also eating up a storm, probably due to the swimming. I am so happy he is enjoying it!

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