Thursday, June 5, 2008

more on the simplicity front

Tomorrow is Friday already! This ends our first week of summer vacation. Tomorrow we'll bike to swim practice and then to South Pool, unless the weather is cold and rainy. The kids really want to go to the ghetto Elitches', as Wendy calls it, so we may need to schedule that for the week of the 23rd, before we head to Iowa.
Today we signed Ted (and Sam by default) up for the library's summer reading program. It's cute. They have a pirate theme this year. They got their Pirate Captain logbook and a treasure map. The point of the map is to teach them how to use the library. This week's clue was found by finding a book with a specific call number (step one towards library independence!) Ted is very hyped about it.
Tonight at the cul-de-sac Mae was rocking out on her trike, although she was frustrated with her limited wheels (they kept spinning on her because she was pedaling way faster than a trike is built for!)
This weekend should be fun. Saturday the chavurah is up at the cabin in Estes Park and Sunday Paul wants to try Sam out without training wheels. Bring on the hot weather! We're all a little tired of the chilly, rainy days!

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Anonymous said...

E that's too cute about Mae. Have you thought of getting her a 'real' bike with training wheels? Connor's been riding one since Easter and LOVES it. Definately no 'little boy' left in my baby - he's all grown up like his big brothers lol! Now if I could only get him out of diapers already!

LOVE the priate theme from the library! Man that sounds too cool even to me :-)- T