Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ted seems to be having a reaction. This is Day 2 of the evening hives. After 2 teaspoons of Benedryl, it diminishes some. It doesn't bother him that much, just enough to tell us about it. According to this article, hives can be brought on by citrus. Ted's been having a lime juice drink for the last 2 nights. Hmm. Paul thinks it's an allergy to the grass. He doesn't roll in it, but he's running around the backyard. Any thoughts?


jack said...

Hives? Poor Ted!

On our side of the family, hives are usually caused by foods - I used to get them from egg whites, others in the family got them from fish, strawberries, chocolate,etc.

Keep track of what he has eaten and you may spot the culprit. I think hives are usually a nearly immediate reaction. No need to go back thru the day.

Poor guy! A cool bath with baking soda would feel wonderful.


jack said...

Second thoughts ~

Paul may be right about the grass, since the hives are on Ted's back. Or maybe something on the grass ~ I doubt you use a commercial weed killer, but might something be splashed or sprayed on the grass?


The Purloined Letter said...

Oh, poor fellow! I get this kind of reaction from one of the natural bug sprays or sunscreens. Now I can't remember which one--so I just don't use anything anymore....

Hope he figures it out and makes it stop!