Monday, June 9, 2008

love this!

I love love love hanging out the laundry. It's a bit of a pain when it's raining because my house resembles the inside of a laundromat, but it's good practice for winter. On warm sunny days, I actually take my time, just listening to the birds and soaking in the sun. It's a nice, reflective time for me. I do a wash every day. Most of the washes are small, so I was psyched to see this cool, no electricity, minimal water usage, Wonder Wash. A perfect 10 year Anniversary gift for me, don't you think? "For the woman who has everything.." Bwa ha ha. Seriously though, I think I'll give it a try. I do have some small loads that give me serious guilt trips. Then again, Mae's monster loads are worth the real machine. We'll see. Yet again, very nice to see something out there that is an alternative to using energy and water for something I do every single day.

Ted starts HHS camp tomorrow and the other two JCC on Wed & Fri. I'm looking forward to a brief 2 weeks of routine before another week of mellow summer. Today, after biking to swim practice and then to the other pool, I swam laps again. My breaststroke is fine but my ridiculous ski injury (rotator cuff?) made freestyle slow and painful. Ted spent lots of time in the lap lane practicing his strokes or, literally, on the bottom of the pool sneaking up on me. Both Sam and Mae did a lot of swim-float-swim to me today too. A nice, mellow day.


Debbie said...

I have one of those! I have mixed feelings about it. It does a good job cleaning and it's nice not to have to go all the way down to my apartment building's laundry room if I just need a few things. But, since it doesn't spin dry, there's a lot of hand wringing to do. And, because I can't hang stuff outside, it has to hang over the tub because it's so wet, and there's not much air flow in my bathroom so it takes a while. If you can hang straight from the washer to an outdoor line these may not be limitations for you at all.

It does what it's supposed to, and is a good alternative to have around.

Chile said...

Ah, Debbie answered my question about getting the water out. I'm cheap and more than willing to do the grape stomp method of cleaning in a cheezy bucket, but I hate hand-wringing clothes. I think the wringing may also wear them out faster. Some day, I'll get my sweetie to set up a pedal-powered spinner for me.