Sunday, June 8, 2008

make that no cars!

On Friday I was dreaming about our gentle footprint once we move to Boulder. With access to the bike path, Boulder's supurb bus system and being close to school, the Farmer's Market and a grocery store, we could easily go down to one car. But something was nagging at me. Something I had heard of but couldn't remember. Renting a car? But you paid a membership? What was that? Thanks to a favorite green blog I read, the answer was presented to me tonight. It's Zipcar. With a zipcar membership, you have access to an entire fleet of (often hybrid) vehicles depending on your need. A quick zip to the grocery store sans kiddos on a snowy morning? The car above fits the bill. For a family trip, a larger vehicle would be better. Etc. So, next week I'm going to contact them and see how we go about starting this program in Boulder. Seems to me it would be very successful here. If so, I hope/dream/vow to get rid of our cars for good. Woo hoo!

Update! Thank you to a reader who let me know about Boulder CarShare! Rock on, Boulder!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know about Boulder CarShare? Good luck with your Boulder move. We are on the same track for a lot of the same reasons (mostly to avoid OE issues). Boulder 2010!