Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Local Summer-Week 1 Recap

One delicious week of June has come and gone. The traditional way to do this challenge is to plan one meal for the week made from exclusively local ingredients. Well, this is easy for me for lunches but since we're going through the stores in the freezer and pantry, not as easy for the main meals. Here are some meals we've enjoyed.
  • a lunch staple for me: quesadillas with local tortillas, local MouCou cheese, Jay Hill greens & eggs.
  • a lunch staple for the kids: sandwiches on homemade bread with local flour/honey, homemade almond butter and Rocky Mountain farm cherry jam.
  • a breakfast staple: homemade waffles with local flour/honey and local Rocky Mountain Farm strawberry syrup.
  • One of our favorite meals this week was homemade french fries with local potatoes, Jay Hill rainbow chard and veggie brats grilled on the grill. Such the quintessential summer meal.
  • Another was baked (local) potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy (made with CSA Indian Woman Beans, Farmer's Market onion & garlic), and a side of Jay Hill beet greens. YUM!!!
  • Lastly, from the freezer, black bean loaf (CSA black beans, onion & garlic) with a side of Jay Hill spinach. The loaf was a bit chewy after being frozen but still good.
Our plum tree is producing! Last year, we had a crazy windstorm that blew all the baby plums down before they had a chance to plump up. I hope these make it. We have a TON on the big tree. Our other plum tree is 2 this year, so next year we can expect some fruit from it as well. Mmm...

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