Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Vacation '08

Mae and I arrived home (at 9:45pm!) on Tuesday night and the boys are due in a few hours. Our vacation was great. The boys loved being with their cousins, who seemed to have grown up a LOT since my last visit 2 years ago!! Matthew is 15 years old. I nannied for him when he was 18 months! Crazy!! As usual, the boys were completely entertained by the cousins, leaving a 4-day streak of boredom when they all left between visits. Mae and I took off for Chicago to visit G'ma and G'pa Kessie for a few days and had a lovely, relaxing time. I did a lot of reading, napping and snuggling with the kids this vacation. It's great to be back though, and I'm sure the kids will enjoy the relative structure of summer camp next week. TONS of pics on moeltini.

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