Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surprise! a quick trip into Chicago

No pictures today, but a quick update on our fun vacation. The boys endured a downpour while camping in Nebraska (precisely why I don't camp!) but survived and spent the Iowa night at Dennis' house. The boys loved that and can't wait to go back to play with all the fun toys and see the dogs. They came to collect Mae and me from the airport (Mae was awesome on the plane. No fussing at all.) Arriving in Davenport, we met up with a slew of Moellers all there for Jean's party. Mae ran wild with all her cousins and had a blast. The boys were similarly entertained. The trip back to Dubuque was a letdown without their cousins and they are eagerly awaiting their return on Thursday afternoon. Without anything essential to do, Mae and I decided to make a quick trip into Chicago to see my parents. Jayne kindly lent us her rental car and off we went! We had a delicious sushi meal last night and spent today at the Children's Museum. Mae's favorite was the grocery shopping area, hands down. So far, it's been a great vacation. This weekend should be fun with the 4th and all the Moellers returning to entertain my kids! Mae and I head back to Colorado on Tuesday.
Have a safe and happy 4th!

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jack said...

We loved having you and Mae here! Nice morning at Little Bear Park with Leslie and Phoebe, too! Hope you are nearing Dubuque, even as I type!

Happy 4th to all!

Mom & Dad