Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school, for 3 of us

Sam and Mae went back to preschool today, and I started my teaching job at Front Range Community College. Mae was rearing to go this morning. She was so excited to be a Butterfly. Her teachers said she did just fine, no problems. Sam also had a good day. He was a bit hyper after school (which results in him being mean to Mae and me) but he chilled out after a while. I brought Ariel,a new Caterpillar who also had a fantastic day, home to Wendy and the girls were SO excited to sit next to each other.

My first day went well too. I met with my 2 classes and got my class lists for private lessons. I'll call them tomorrow to set up times. Besides the fast that the bookstore didn't order enough books, everything seems fine. The campus is so nice. The "faculty support center" is amazing. They'll type things up for you, xerox things for you, give you grading books, dry erase markers, pens, stickies, whatever you need! Crazy! All in all, a good 1st day. I am BEAT. I need to figure out easy go-to meals for Mondays and Wednesdays.

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