Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, today was busy! As usual, I got up at 6:30. I'm finding this is a great time for me to get up and get things going before the "morning rush," as it were. This morning I prepped our crock pot dinner, Potato Beet Curry. It smelled heavenly when I got home at 5:30pm. What a wonderful invention. Teaching today went well. I taught my 2 classes and then had 4 students back-to-back. This was nice for my schedule but a little tiring. I left for rehearsal tonight at 6, expecting delays on I-25 (because Bill Clinton spoke tonight at Invesco Field and tomorrow is Barack and I'm so glad I'm not going anywhere NEAR Denver!!). But there were no delays at all, so I got there early. Rehearsal tonight was tough. My voice was tired out from teaching, so I need to concentrate on supporting my voice while I speak. Oy. Got home to the sitter (Paul has soccer on Wednesday nights) who surprised me with tales of my well-behaved children (who are these people?)

Sam apparently had a little spat with Jason today, so when I take the kids Friday morning I'll have to get the scoop from his teachers. Mae had another wonderful day ("I did more artwork, Mama, and I can use FIZZOWS now 'cause I so big!" (scissors). Ted looks tired and I think he's getting a cold, but he soldiers on. Elizabeth is very pleased with him and how helpful he is with the kindergarteners. His reading is getting much better too. Apparently, they are supposed to be reading at an "H" level at the end of 1st grade. He finished K at the "D" level and today we were reading an "E" book and he was doing just fine. Apparently at DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read), he reads by himself. (Last year, someone read to him or he and his other K friends would "look at" books together.) How grown up! He lost his 4th tooth yesterday at lunch and probably swallowed it. The Tooth Fairy was understanding. She didn't, however, leave him the $5 he asked her for. I told him perhaps our Tooth Fairy was saving money for a new Fairy Castle. Geesh. I think he's about ready to take over lawn mowing. Heh.

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