Saturday, August 30, 2008

the weekend

The boys are on their camping adventure with the chavurah. At least, I think they are. Paul called last night around 8 saying he couldn't find the campsite. But there isn't much cell phone reception up there, so if he did find it, he couldn't call me to tell me. Here's hoping! I got lots of "everything in its place" done last night and plan to tackle the boys room today (Mae keeps her room so clean that if she has excess stuff, I sure don't notice!) After the boys' room I'll attack the kitchen, which while it is cluttered, it sure is TONS better than just a few weeks ago.
And I'm waiting for the vet to show up. Poor Electra. She still won't eat. Although she is really mad at me because I won't let her out (because the vet is coming!!), so she still has some spunk. Erin moves today and Mae and I are on lunch duty. Looking forward to a good day.

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