Thursday, August 28, 2008

late night posting

Between my nap this afternoon and Obama's speech, it is no wonder I can't sleep tonight! I've re-watched Hillary, Bill and Biden's speeches (oh, how I love CNN in my lack 'o TV world right now! Olympics, conventions, I've got it all!) As so many of us do, I hope fervently that Obama wins this election! What excitement and hope is in the air... the possibility of CHANGE! Yes, we can!!! It is (sadly) amazing to hear a presidential candidate promising healthcare reform, recalling troops from Iraq, easing up on taxes and improving schools. It's almost as if those types of reforms were taboo, impossible to acquire. But they are the pillars of his campaign. Oh, how I HOPE America is smart enough to elect him. Lord, what will happen if we don't?

And, since I can't sleep, my thoughts turn to the weekend ahead, in which I plan to do some major decluttering in the house. I ran across the Feng Shui concept, which I might try to implement this weekend. Interestingly enough, many of the colors are in the "right" directions already (we have a yellow, north-facing kitchen, for example, with brown and white predominant. Go us.) Our north-facing bedroom is painted pale peach, a viable skin color, but I'm going to work on the arrangement a bit, perhaps finding a headboard for our bed, and balancing it out with 2 nightstands. This is fun. While we hope to move to Boulder in 2010, it will be nice to have some cash in the bank if we decide to stay. Pergo, finished basement and new (Energy Star) appliances would all add to the warm and comfy feel I aim for.

Well, it's after midnight. Guess I'll try and get a few Zzz's. Oh, and sadly, Electra has taken another turn for the worse. She's lost any weight she gained back and has stopped eating again. She'll drink milk and shower water, but nothing else. We gave her 1cc of the fluids tonight, in hopes of just making her feel better. We'll see the vet this weekend. This might be the end. She's old and obviously not able to keep herself "feeling good" without help. If the vet thinks she's in any pain at all, we'll probably put her to sleep. I love this cat. It will be a very male household without her in it. I'll update soon.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN sistah! Obama ALL the way!! I watched McCain's speech to announce his running mate and what a strategic pick he made--A WOMAN!! However she is a conservative Christian AND the governor of Alaska--hmmmm how convenient to get his hands on the oil fields in Alaska and rape the environment!! If a Republican wins this election I will lose so much hope in my fellow Americans.

AYI Susu