Saturday, September 6, 2008

Balls on that shizz, let's bounce

Here it is folks, modern slang. Ted came home from school announcing that his new movement class at school was "the shizz." Wha? Paul googled it and came up with the newest slang among teens. I guess when the K/1s are next door to the middle schoolers, they pick up on these things? Too funny. The quote is one Paul found while googling. It roughly translates to: "You are right on; that place is way cool, let's go there!" Oy!

A very productive day. I had my 2 hour project blitz today (I'm doing a 30 Day Clutter Program, hosted by the same divas as the Green Smoothie Challenge, so I know I'm in good hands!) My assignment on Friday was a 15 minute decluttering blitz of a small, do-able area. I chose my laundry area. Then today, for the biggie, I expanded to the whole basement (not the crawl space.) As per my instructions, I sorted into Pitch (only 1 garbage bag), Recycle (lots of paper here!), Donate (lots here) and Keep (but assign a home to it.) Done! I need to work on my desk area (should be easy enough to do in a 15min session) and I need to actually clean the area (oh, the dust!) but it looks great. Everything in there is something we need or love. Feels good.

The other strangely effective tool I've adapted is a 4 week Menu Rotation. The basic schedule is:
  • Monday: Fancy Crock Pot Meal (prepared Sunday night)
  • Tuesday: Stir-Fry or Pasta
  • Wednesday: Easy Crock Pot Meal (beans 'n rice type)
  • Thursday: Homemade Pizza
  • Friday: Chili or Soup & Challah
  • Saturday: Something New (a time to try new recipes)
  • Sunday: Something Easy or Leftovers
This will repeat every month. I have recipes plugged in for the month, which I might just repeat in October, since they are all easy favorites. Why is it that I get all organized once I get a job and feel busy all the time? A friend said now that I'm doing something for myself, I've found new energy that I can put towards other pursuits, like this new-found zeal for decluttering and keeping things clean. Whatever it is, I like it!

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