Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday ... busy but worth it

Sundays are going to be busy in September. Ted has Sunday School and I have rehearsal in Denver. Today Heather took him, then brought him to the pool to swim with Zach before Football at the JCC. All his RMDC buddies were there, Zach, Jack, Jacob, Blake, Jarod and Paxton (no girls, big surprise!) It was very cute to see them running passes. Ted doesn't catch very well but he's pretty good at stopping people on defense. His only other experience in football is from summer camp. After we got home I cooked up some delicious Enchildas from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. Really fantastic. Then while Paul put the kids to bed I prepped our crockpot dinner for tomorrow, a curry dish. The house smells wonderful. Between cooking dinner, prepping tomorrow's, making the kids' lunches and cleaning up the kitchen, it was a busy evening. But an effective one! Should be a smooth week ahead. Or, at least, a smooth Monday.

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