Tuesday, September 16, 2008

have you seen these?

I love these necklaces by Lisa Leonard and would love to order one with my 3 children's names! simplemom is having a giveaway for one of her necklaces...how fun! simplemom, by the way, is the site that really got me hooked on decluttering. I have her eBook in my "Control Journal" and it's wonderful! Over Labor Day weekend, after putting our sweet cat down and with the boys away camping, it really gave me comfort to tackle the house, and her book was wonderful! I highly recommend it! My house feels spacious, airy and peaceful. With 3 little ones, this is the first time in 6+ years it's felt this way (perhaps the first time ever!) Her daily docket is my favorite part of the whole thing, after the decluttering is accomplished (ah...). I refer to it constantly (and it's free to download! How nice is that?!) It's great to see what's for dinner, plus I add what's on the agenda for tomorrow's meal too. Since we have twice-a-week crockpot meals now, it really helps to get the beans cooked beforehand, something I always forgot before the daily docket. Love it! I wish wish wish wish I had taken before and after pictures. Some of the spaces are so different! I wonder if "Spring Cleaning" just feels like the wrong season to me. It sure felt good to get everything in order, in a sort of "back-to-school" way. Thank you, simplemom!

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