Tuesday, September 16, 2008

soccer boys!

Typical for Sam, his mom forgot the camera. Today Ted had his soccer practice with his team, then right after Sam had a SoccerTots class for 5 year olds. He was tentative at first but got into it pretty quickly and was very happy the entire time. He followed directions and is really quite good at maneuvering the ball. I was so thrilled! I brought all the kids dinner (grilled (fake) cheese, pears, veggie chips and a cookie) and we stayed a little late to watch the "grown ups" play (I think they are the college team). Sam got a balloon and was pretty darn proud all the way home. Mae had no fun at all and whined/cried/screamed/moaned the entire time. Oh so fun for me. Earlier in the day we all went to Jason's pool for a "last hurrah of summer" pool party with the kids in his preschool class. So fun! It was 85 today. Since it was 45 on Monday, this confirms my belief that Boulder has crazy weather. Fun though.

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