Monday, October 27, 2008

Allergy/Asthma wrap-up

Well, today was exhausting. Ted and I spent the day at National Jewish (THE asthma research hospital in the US). They did some bloodwork, they did the scratch tests, they did the food trials. He's not allergic to anything. Sure, his bloodwork shows higher than normal levels for dairy and shrimp, but he doesn't get a physical reaction, so no big deal (i.e. no epi-pen needed, so it's not a serious allergy. This is a controversy that we'll have to sort out later.) His numbers from the scratch test proved allergic to cats and dogs, but only a 2 (a 10 is considered a severe allergy.) So, sure, replace the carpet and he'll breathe easier, but the pets can stay (which they would have anyway, but it's still a relief to hear.) His Albuteral has been replaced by Flovent, his Pulmicort by a daily chewable antihistamine (Singulair) and Rhinocort nasal spray, and added to the routine, a nasal rinse twice daily. This boils down to a huge decrease in time spent on treatment (2 20-minute nebs vs less than 5 minutes a day doing the nasal rinse and the Flonaise). Rock ON! I'll add to this post more in the next few days but this is what we learned today. This info will go to Dr. Steinbock and we'll go from there. I'm sure he'll be THRILLED at the suggested treatment regimen eliminating the serious drugs. Ted was a trooper. He chose a Sponge Bob lego set that he built while waiting around today. Off to bed. What a day!

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