Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The kids had a blast tonight. Ted did take off by himself a few times, but he always found his way back home. I am grateful that this neighborhood is so safe, in that respect.
They came home and examined their booty, then chose which to keep and which to give to the Great Pumpkin. According to Mr. D at TKD, the GP takes the candy and leaves money! Ted is psyched! Sam is game, and Mae? Mae didn't leave ONE piece of candy for the GP. Oh no. Not one! What a funny kid. "Not my kittles!" she exclaimed in severe consternation when Ted tried to help her ("skittles"). Oh well. As Paul said, Ted will have fun scamming candy off her for the next few days.
Another Halloween! Mae did so well this year. She refused to stop when Paul and I switched out chaperoning, and she said Trick or Treat and Thank You. She HATED my Hillary Clinton mask (I was trying to find Sarah Palin, to be truly terrifying, but I couldn't find any) so I didn't get to wear it this year. All in all, very fun. Now, if you'll excuse me, there is some serious candy to eat!
As always, more pics on moeltini.

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