Sunday, October 12, 2008

a dreary weekend

The weekend was cold and rainy, but very homey and fun. On Saturday Paul took Ted to his indoor soccer game in which he scored TWO goals!! And they were the only goals his team got, and they won 2-0. woo hoo! That really helped his confidence I think. He was by far one of the more timid players on the team and Paul said he was all over the other team this time. Go, Ted! (The blurry pic is of him (in the white) going after the ball.) This was after he had a traumatic blood draw that morning. We put "the magic cream" on his left arm and went to the lab. He was dehydrated enough that they couldn't find a vein and were stabbing around in there for a long time. So they moved to the right arm, which worked great, but he was soooo upset about it not having cream on it that I think he worked himself up extra. Is there anything harder to bear as a parent than holding your child still while he sobs, "It hurts! It hurts!" I think not. Anyway, he survived and we went straight to Target for 2 (one for each arm, he said) new little Lego sets.
I spent the day recovering from the holidays by fixing a crock pot dinner (all local chili, so delicious!), doing a ton of laundry, catching up on dishes, baking 2 loaves each of zucchini and banana bread, and planning meals for the week using the greens-heavy (hooray!) CSA share that Paul collected on Thursday. Whew.
On Sunday I finally got to take Ted to Sunday School again (usually I had rehearsal at Sinai) and it was lovely to go out with Wendy and Stacy and chat. Then I had my rehearsal in Denver and came home to watch The Wizard of Oz with the kids while Ted did treatment. I loved this movie as a kid and both boys really liked it a LOT. I think Mae was a bit traumatized. When I was putting her to bed tonight she kept talking about how we didn't have tornadoes here, right? and the house wouldn't blow away, right? and her bed wouldn't move around, right? Poor thing. A good and productive weekend. On with the week! Sukkot starts Tuesday night and we're hosting a party, as we do every year. And my dad arrives on Thursday. Can't wait!


patricia said...

Hooray for Ted!!!! 2-0!!!!
Pretty good after such a traumatic blood-letting in the morning! Maybe that made him a better player?

And good for you, doing a week's worth of laundry, dishes, baking, cooking, all in one whack!
I hope to see pics of Dad in your sukkah!


Anonymous said...

I can remember being pretty nervous watching the Wizard of Oz when I was a little kid too! Tornados and witches and OZ; OH MY!