Friday, October 10, 2008

Gut Yontif!

Whew. I made it. We had two back to back Kol Nidre services on Wednesday night, followed by two morning Yom Kippur services. After a brief hour, we had the 3+ hour afternoon services, ending around 7pm. I was BEAT. But happy and inspired. Our rabbis at Har Hashem are awesome, but I always enjoy a good sermon, and while these were LOOOOOONG, they were also fantastic.

Paul survived while I was gone and apparently Ted wore a suit to YK (his choice). He took the kids to a break fast at Jen's and actually got home after I did last night.

Today Ted went to our new holistic pediatrician. He's going to supplement, not replace, our regular (and much beloved) pediatrician, but I wanted a 2nd opinion on the asthma. I was actually pleasantly surprised at his practical approach. He put him back on Pulmicort/Albuteral nebs twice a day and also ramped up his supplements. We discovered that Ted can swallow pills now (he is SO proud) so I don't have to fight with him over the fish oils anymore; he can just pop the gel cap into his mouth and swallow it. Hooray! Everything else we'll just add to his smoothie. He was very accepting of this today so let's hope it continues. Basically, he's getting the same stuff, but lots more of it. He also ordered more bloodwork to test his zinc and iron levels, as well as a celiac test to test for gluten intolerance. Between no dairy and no meat, we're hard pressed enough, but if we need to go off gluten too (I say WE because we eat what Ted eats; no forbidden foods in the house) we're going to have to stop eating out all together. Which might help the pocketbook I suppose.

Off to bed. But TONS of new pics on moeltini. Enjoy!

PS Our house is freshly painted and looks great!

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