Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ted's soccer team had picture day last Saturday. Ted was a total ham at the official picture taking event but the action shots of him are great! I love how his tongue is sticking out all the time - hmmm, wonder where he got that? I'll put these all up on moeltini when Paul gets back, but in the meantime, you can see all 4 shots on flickr. We were going to take a break from soccer and do swimming over the winter, but Ted really wants to do the winter league. We shall see.
Today was a great day. We had the normal rush in the morning, but we got Ben and Peter and got all the big kids to school on time. Sam & Mae had a donut at Safeway while we killed time before preschool (I didn't want to pay the $10 early drop off fee for the extra half hour of free time!). Mae was a little hesitant but I took her to see Jeanne and she cheered right up (she was dropping in, so was in a different Butterfly class for the day). Sam apparently had a terrific day, exclaiming "Oh, snuckers!" throughout the day. Silly boy. He had a good conference and is doing better at including other kids when he and Jason are playing. We went to TKD next and Ted rocked. It was a large and unruly class today and Mr. D was displeased. At the end of class, Ted got a star (hard to do in the big kid class) and Mr. D told me, "Your son acted like a black belt the entire class. Good for him." Ted was pretty proud of himself and asked me why the big kids were goofing off.
We are set for Tournament on Saturday. Sam and Mae are going to have a big adventure with the Shoenfelds while Ted and I spend the night at a nearby hotel so we can get up at a decent hour on Saturday morning. Tiny Tiger staging is at 7:45am (he can compete as a Tiny Tiger til he's 7. In TT, all kids get a trophy. In Big Kids, you have to actually win the trophy. Much tougher! Hooray for being 6!) Afterwards all the kids have a free pass to the rec center pool (in the same building as the tournament) so depending on time we'll do that too. Sam has a bday party at 2, so we will try and be back in time for that. Whew! Busy but fun.
Oh, and how could I forget?! I blanched and froze 6 batches of greens tonight. Today we had our last CSA pickup. Keeper Share begins next week, so we may be seeing the last of those delicious hardy greens. We received 20 pounds of apples!!! Holy moly! Applesauce anyone? Mmmm... I have a plan for the winter: rice and beans with greens two nights a week. We have plenty of greens frozen and the Keeper Share will add to our already decent supply of local beans. I'll just buy a big bag of brown rice at Costco and we'll be set for cheap, delicious and local meals in the winter! Yum.

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