Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Do you like it? I love it. I love the freshness and "fun" flair it gives to the blog. Comments are welcome!

Day 2 of single parenting. Oy, the headache. Sam and Mae didn't have preschool so we rushed around this morning to get Ted to school, then we went swimming at Apex (way fun.) Home, naps, Ted pickup, groceries, TKD, Taco Bell (yes, the fast food dinner thing has to stop. Tomorrow is Farm Pick Up, so we should be able to zip home and eat our bounty!), home and to bed. Everyone was silent and asleep by 8:30. Ahhh. Tomorrow Sam and Mae are dropping in to the JCC, so Ole will finally get some attention. I also plan to deal with last week's veggies from the CSA that I didn't use yet. I have an appointment with Marylin to discuss Mae's treatment, Sam's conference at the J at 3:15, then TKD at 4:30. Should be an earlier night tomorrow, which will help. All three need a bath in a bad way!!

Off to bed!


patricia said...

Love the new look and all the cute buttons! Kinda miss all those legs, tho!

Single-parenting sounds pretty wearing. Hope Paul comes home soon. And that all your teacher-talks go well.


Wendy said...

I like the new look. But to be perfectly honest, I'm super lazy now and don't click off of bloglines so I won't see it very often.