Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Well, we didn't completely observe this day of non-buying, but we didn't head to the mall at 4am either. We slept in (the kids got up at 7:30 and amused themselves til NINE! Astonishing.) and then went to the Science Museum for the new IMAX Dinosaur movie. It was very interesting and Ted in particular was taken with the idea of being a paleontologist. Sam is all about space these days and had a blast at the Space exhibit, doing all of the cool hands-on exhibits and computer models (a favorite was creating stars of different masses and watching some of them turn into black holes or brown dwarfs, etc.) Our little scientist. They are hard at work excavating plastic dinosaurs from toy eggs (much harder than it looks!) Paul is still feeling under the weather although I am on the mend. And I LOVE having a fridge full of delicious left-overs! Yum! 

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