Saturday, November 29, 2008


Things are moving along. The structural engineer will come Monday or Tuesday. 1-800-Got Junk comes Monday morning. Hopefully, by mid-week, we will have a de-cluttered basement and a better idea of when (if?) we can actually get the house listed. Everything hinges on the engineer. If there is structural damage, we're looking at another 6 months. If it's just the house shifting, it could be soon. Cross all toes and fingers, please!

Since the kids spent most of the day entertaining themselves (i.e., iTouch, and Peter Pan), we felt obligated to get them outside! We walked to dinner at the local Chinese restaurant in the chilly, first-snow night air. It was refreshing and fun. We did do a lot of coloring with the kids today, and significant amounts of reading, but I still felt guilty. Tomorrow will be more of the same as we finish up the basement, but I vow to get them out to the park in the morning before we start.

On my list of To-Do's is to call our wonderful painter, Alex, of Eclipse Painting. Except that I can't find his card. He was here just last month painting the exterior of our house. I've searched online and can't find him. If anyone reading this knows who I mean, please help! I'll be going through the "house" files tomorrow, hoping his card is in there. Oy!

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